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Function Scientific Calculator

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  • Textbook synchronous display, tabular statistics and 10 position radix + 2 position exponent. Used for scientific calculation, namely function calculation.
  • Multi-step reappear, dotmatrix display and Plastic buttons. Touch keyboard, easy to click.
  • Multi-function mathematical calculator: It can be used to calculate advanced functions.
  • High quality material: durable, stable and responsive. Designed for students and office workers.
  • Upgrade motherboard: more stable work. It can help you solve problems you encounter in your study, convenient to calculate.
  • ​Power Source:  work with coin battery  , not â€‹Solar power
  • Packing:

    1x Scientific Calculator (no original packaging)

    1x manual 

PLEASE Note: There are 991ES PLUS & 991ES  TWO models

991es plus have 417 kinds of functions

991es have 240 kinds of functions